Bags & Storage for Gravel Bike setup

UK-based Apidura was one of the first companies producing bikepacking bags and is a well-trusted brand in the communities of bikepackers and ultradistance racers. I ended up purchasing various luggage items from them, aiming to maximize available space. The packs and accessories I use are:

  • Apidura Expedition Saddle Pack

    Apidura Expedition Saddle Pack, 17L

    Holds camping items (tent, stove, sleeping mat) and other items not used during the day.

  • Apidura Expedition Compact Frame Pack

    Apidura Expedition Compact Frame Pack, 3L

    Used for easy access items like tools and spares, as well as any small snack items.

  • Apidura Expedition Handlebar Pack

    Apidura Expedition Handlebar Pack, 9L

    For lightweight items. I use it to carry my sleeping bag and pjs.

  • Apidura Expedition Accessory Pocket Dry

    Apidura Expedition Accessory Pocket Dry, 4.5L

    Additional storage pocked that attaches to handlebar pack. Handy for accessing frequently used items.

  • Apidura Backcountry Food Pouch Plus, 1.2L

    Apidura Backcountry Food Pouch Plus, 1.2L

    Mounted to the handlebars, stem and fork, it provides storage space for snack items or can also hold a full water bottle.

  • Apidura Expedition Top Tube Bag

    Apidura Expedition Top Tube Bag, 1L

    Another spot to store items that need to be accessed frequently during the day. I use it either to carry an external battery or for food items.

Attempting to optimize (frame) space even further, I use additional items for storage and space optimization:

  • Bedrock Sinbad Stash Pack

    Bedrock Sinbad Stash Pack

    Trying to further maximize the available frame space. Used for compressible items like socks or underwear.

  • Dilwe Zip Case Tool Bag

    Dilwe Zip Case Tool Bag

    Water bottle-sized hard shell tool case. Perfect for keeping repair tools in one place.

  • ELITE Byasi Bicycle Tool Storage Bottle

    ELITE Byasi Bicycle Tool Storage Bottle

    Another bottle-size storage solution. Usually kept energy bars, gels, and other snacks in there.

  • Wolf Tooth B-RAD Mounting Base 2

    Wolf Tooth B-RAD Mounting Base 2

    Helps with using available space more efficiently by shifting the mount points.

  • CamelBak M.U.L.E.® Hydration Backpack

    CamelBak M.U.L.E.® Hydration Backpack

    If the trip warrants it, I am bringing this backpack, which includes a hydration system.

Bags & Storage for Mountain Bike setup

reusing some bags from gravel setup, but some specific items for mountain bike setup: Frame bag, handlebar bag, feed bag, king cage clamps and cages, voile straps.