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The North Face Endurance Challenge: Hilly Lands of Marin

After having traveled quite far for races this year, it felt good to close out 2013 with an event close to home on a surface that I started to like more and more this year: trail.

Running the Boston Half Marathon

Of course it’s not the same as running the full marathon, but a good excuse to go to Boston. That, and catching up with a good friend of mine.

Diablo Trail Run

Determination, lower body strength and a pinch of craziness was needed in order to show up for this trail race, up 3,859 ft Mt Diablo in the East Bay.

Running the Vancouver Half Marathon

A running event in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. And only a two hour flight away. Sign me up already!

Running the NYC Half Marathon

Between skyscrapers and amidst frigid temperatures, a half marathon event was held.

Running the Rock ‘n’ Roll Los Angeles Half Marathon

Thousands of runners answered the invitation by the City of Angels to celebrate Halloween running-style. And I was in the midst of it.